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Alberta Hall. The primary focus of what we are trying to do is to help people grow their top line. You do that by bringing in something that’s unique or different. Show me someone with a proprietary technology that’s new to the world and I’ll show you a company with a high odds of success. Show me somebody with the same old stuff that’s gonna just work harder than the next guy and I’ll show you somebody that gets really tired and probably not going to make a lot money.

At the end of the day the challenge that you face is that it’s grow or die, and the global economy has brought this even closer. If you don’t have something that is unique to others then it is just a matter of time because customers are not going to pay more for no good reason.

There’s always somebody who’s willing to make it cheaper.


Nes Course Announcements

  • Innovation & Individuals : Business Studies
    How good are individual inventors at doing innovation? It varies. The professionals are great at it. And the amateurs are amateurs. We tend to have some stereotypes of inventors. I know a lot of very professional inventors, who make incredible amounts of money. But they’re very professional business people. They’re not kooks and cranks. Some people, to make their self-esteem feel good, will make fun of inventors as the kooky crazy idealist, but there are a lot of those who make money from day to day and they’re very smart business people.
  • What are the barriers to innovation for large organisations?
  • The biggest thing they lack is courage, and they play it safe. But that’s not how their companies were founded. That doesn’t mean you have to be rash, but you need to have some courage and you need to do it. There are some simple principals [successful businesses do]:.

Subjects Studied: Business 101 Innovation & Leadership

  • How effective are innovation departments within large organisations
    It varies. As a general rule, we know that small and medium businesses are about twice as effective with smart new products as big companies are. Although I do know some large companies that are exceptionally good at it.
  • How well are small businesses at implementing innovation?
    There’s never been a better time to be in business for yourself. You have a three times greater chance of becoming a millionaire in the US in a small business than you do in corporate America. Guys, you can’t get there from the corporate world..